Duration:  3 Days

PDU: 21

This fully participative course is applicable for participants who are already involved in a project but have not gone through any formal training or methodologies and also those who would be involved in future. This training would give them a good idea about projects and what is expected. It would also introduce the right, proper and common terminologies and good practices

Target Audience

All those who will be involved in managing a project and have not attended formal project management training.

Course Outline

  • Demand Management – Origin of Projects
  • Why projects fail
  • Critical success factors
  • Project Framework – Fundamentals of a project
  • Best practises of Project Management: PMI and the 10 Knowledge Areas
  • Manage Project Scope – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Manage the Triple constraints of a project: Time, Cost & Quality
  • Effective communication with Stakeholders
  • Manage uncertainty with Project Risk Management
  • Soft Skills Required

Learning Outcome

  • Comprehend why and when projects origin
  • Understand the success factors for project implementation
  • Learn about Stakeholders of a project and their roles
  • Learn how to be involved in preparation of a project plan
  • Learn about importance of Controls in execution
  • Understand what skills are required to manage and support

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